dVT Group

Our core values are incorporated in our name and form the cornerstone of the dVT approach to every assignment we undertake.


Our capable and experienced team work together and are motivated to achieve excellence in everything they undertake.

They are dedicated and work persistently in a professional and responsible manner, so that you can count on us to deliver successful outcomes.


As well as extensive qualifications and experience, our people are valued for their talent and ideas that they bring to each assignment.

This translates to vision, that you can rely on to provide smart and creative solutions and this really sets us apart from our competitors.


We want to earn your trust and respect as a business partner and in return will be honest, constructive and transparent in your dealings with us.

Our process involves providing detailed quotes up front and advising of any additional cost issues before they occur. We also value good communication with prompt response to queries and frequent progress reports throughout assignments. We also maintain strict levels of confidentiality.