Investigating Accountant Reports

The main purpose of an Investigating Accountant Report (or “IAR”) is for an independent person to report on particular concerns raised, generally by a lender or investor.

These concerns are in relation to the financial position of a company, past or projected, and often focus on the value of security that creditors may have in relation to their debts. The lender may also have concerns over the validity of information provided and request a review of affairs of the Company.

Our commitment to you

dVT Consulting approaches and evaluates each assignment on an individual basis, providing a cost effective outcome for the client and other parties, whilst undertaking strict levels of confidentiality.

As well as the financial position, we also outline other matters we feel relevant to the assignment, and this is where we can add value for all parties.

All our assignments are based on agreed programs or scoping documents, so that all parties are in agreement with the expected outcomes.

Examples of services we provide

• Analysis of past trading performance
• Review of trading budgets and cash flow projections
• Review of market and trading opportunities and strengths, as well as weaknesses and threats
• Financial position of the company and the funds available for creditors and shareholders
• Review of assets available for secured creditors

Types of assignments undertaken:

Civil Engineering – performance review was carried out at the request of a leading Australian bank. This included reconstruction of accounts, analysis of financial position and recommendations for future trading.

Manufacturing – preparation of in depth and detailed report, with recommendations for business turnaround, performance monitoring and introduction of KPI’s. Assistance with weekly management meetings and funding proposals was also given.

Recycling Depot – review of position on individual and group basis, development of realisation and exit strategies for financier.

Hospitality Industry – client had existing facility and was trading successfully. They approached the bank for additional funds for the proposed extensions to facility at the rear. Bank requested report for us to conduct a full analysis of how the business was performing and whether they would be able to generate sufficient earnings to cover the increased facility.

References are available on request.