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A successful business plan can start with a hands-on workshop….

How every existing small to medium business can have clear direction…. We all know that having a business plan can make the difference between a successful start-up and a failed venture, but not all business owners and entrepreneurs recognise the importance of having one or does not have the time or skills to do one. […]

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“Don’t be a frog” … how a distressed business can resemble a boiled frog.

We are all familiar with the boiled frog scenario…  a frog will jump straight out if thrown into a pot of boiling water, but if a frog is placed in a pot of cool water that is gradually heated, it will not notice the slow, gradual change. The result? It will literally be boiled alive […]

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How the right turnaround management specialist is a viable solution for struggling businesses.

Turnaround management is not often used for struggling small businesses.   When otherwise good businesses experience financial difficulty, they have limited options for help. Most would simply opt for voluntary administration or liquidation. There is a softer approach to addressing this business issue. It is turnaround management, which focuses primarily on the strategic, financial and operational […]

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Don’t miss out on Government assistance ahead of the Federal Election.

Many small business owners are unaware of the many Government grants available to them and with a Federal election looming they need to act now. There’s a range of grants and support services that make it more affordable to invest in a business and achieve an excellent return on investment. Once the Federal election is […]

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The Unique Value Proposition: The offer they can’t refuse!

Having a powerful UVP is crucial to provide clarity and assurance to customers that you have an irresistible offering, whilst giving direction and focus within a business.   When you market your products or services, it’s important that your target customers perceive them to be superior to similar products or services in the market. To make […]

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The Voice of the Customer: Are you Listening?

Customer satisfaction has always been crucial to the success of a business.  However, the key is to prioritise to ensure you are listening to the right customer and then quantify and use the feedback to help attract more customers like them.   Smart businesses owners know that the success, or even the survival, of a business […]

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A Culture of Accountability: Who’s Responsible?

Accountability is vital to the success of any business. Business leaders must take the initiative in creating, developing and sustaining a culture of accountability. Here are some strategies that will help. All business owners want their businesses to succeed. Success is only possible in an environment where people accept their responsibilities and deliver on their […]

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Ensure your business exit strategy extracts the maximum value from your business when selling!

There comes a day when a business owner decides it’s time to sell all or part of their business. It may be for one of many reasons including bringing in investors, providing a buy in mechanism for management, selling to purchase a new business or for retirement purposes. It is often disappointing for business owners […]

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The power of business reviews and grants for SMEs, business growth and the Australian economy.

Government business grants and reviews have become secret tools for small medium enterprises (SMEs) to obtain affordable help for business growth , while assisting expansion of the Australian economy. Find out how you can benefit from a network of support and advice to improve your business capabilities and competitiveness. According to the Australian Bureau of […]

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Managing ownership disputes before it’s too late.

The best solution to ownership disputes is prevention, but in the event of disputes find out how to best manage them to avoid it becoming a serious threat to business.   In small/medium enterprises with more than one owner, it is inevitable that partners will occasionally disagree on how the business should be run.  Where an […]

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Why strategic planning is essential to sustain business growth

Business growth is a common objective for most business owners, however it is not always easy to achieve, and even if achieved but not managed well, it can cause a business to fail. Growth usually requires a business to make some proactive changes and undertake specific activities designed to achieve the growth. It may also […]

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How to apply for small and medium business grants, and what you need to know

Following our article last month on the “Power of Business Reviews for SMEs”, we have received numerous enquiries asking what type of small and medium business grants are available. This article covers some of the grants the Australian Government offer to help SMEs for activities such as growth, innovation and commercialisation to help develop these […]

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Business Mentors:  a secret weapon behind thriving businesses!

We are all aware of the numerous challenges business owners face when running a business.  These challenges can be grouped into three key areas being: Having the skills and experience needed across every aspect of the business: Most businesses are started by people that have an idea, skill or passion for a particular product or […]

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