Don’t miss out on Government assistance ahead of the Federal Election.


Don’t miss out on Government assistance ahead of the Federal Election.

Many small business owners are unaware of the many Government grants available to them and with a Federal election looming they need to act now.

There’s a range of grants and support services that make it more affordable to invest in a business and achieve an excellent return on investment. Once the Federal election is called, which is widely speculated to be May 2019, the grants programs will go on hold and depending on the election outcome, things could change.

SME owners really have around 3-4 weeks before the Federal Government goes into pre-election caretaker mode, when all grant applications will go on hold until after the election. Then if we have a change to Labor the program may be completely revamped.  So the window of opportunity it short.

Entrepreneur, Peter Lynch, who amongst other businesses supplies flowers and potted herbs to the grocery trade in Sydney has had a long relationship with dVT.  He says “I’m an ideas person. I can see where I want to get to with a business idea and dVT help me implement it.  dVT give my ideas structure and provide me with critical advice on processes, procedures and how to implement my business such as structuring a management team and reviewing budgets. They guide me along and give me an objective opinion.”

The main grants program that dVT focuses on with its clients is the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme which is a flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity.

We have secured more than 100 grants on behalf of our clients in the last three years with a 100 per cent success rate in securing funding. We then use the funding to work with clients on really tangible growth programs.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme isn’t for everyone and has some fairly specific criteria around years in business, turnover, industry sector and unsurprisingly there is a focus on growth. There are a number of components to it; including business evaluation, growth and research and development.

Our focus with clients is not on the financials of the business, most already have an accountant for that. We focus on areas that impact the growth and help clients with developing business objectives. Our clients are really busy people, so we work with them on setting goals and objectives and then taking small steps to achieve those.

If you are or know a small business owner who wants to take their enterprise to the next level but don’t know how to achieve it, then we would be happy to help.

dVT Strategy helps business owners identify and implement strategies to improve and grow their business. We take a holistic approach, encompassing elements such as operations, HR, sales and marketing and finance.  Should you require assistance with your business or grants, contact Brendan Ryan from dVT Strategy for an interview on 02 9633 333 or email