Our Process


Our Process

Our clients rely on us to deliver practical and achievable outcomes.

We do this by using our proven process listed below together with our willingness to go the extra step and to roll up our sleeves to work with you to ensure we surpass your expectations:

  • We initially meet with all our clients to determine their needs and objectives and will design a specific consulting programme that suits their specific needs and situation.
  • As part of this initial meeting, we will assess if there are any grants that can be utilised to assist this process.  N.B.  there are no cost obligations at this stage.
  • We will formalise an engagement to agree the scope, timelines and costs before we start any work.
  • The works programme will commence usually involving face to face meetings at your place of work or via teleconference.
  • Where possible, once a solution has been developed, we will work with you to implement and deliver the change to your business.  N.B. this part may be a separate engagement.

See our detailed flow chart below:

Strategy Process Map