SEI Carbide Australia – Jeff Drury


SEI Carbide Australia – Jeff Drury

As we are all witnessing, business is changing at a rapid pace and with this comes the need for adaptation, innovation and key strategic thinking to ensure your company stays at the pointy end of your industry.

SEI Carbide has been providing cutting tools and services in the manufacturing industry since 1973, which makes it a stable and reliable company in the industry. Even with this long term success, the business was starting to lose ground and needed a new path to ensure longevity and success in a demanding and shrinking market. At the beginning of 2013, the company went through a transitional change in management and the new management could see that without serious changes to the company’s short term and long term goals with a new vision and direction, they would continue to shrink in size.

Management felt the most effective way to ensure these needs were implemented in the most efficient way was to seek external help and we did this in conjunction with dVT Strategy.

From the onset, dVT Strategy was very professional, could understand our business and the industry we work in and from this appointed the most suitable person for our needs. Over the next 18 months, we worked through all levels of the business and then put these into a practical and logical strategy and then set about implementing this into the business.

The result from this investment with dVT Strategy is that SEI Carbide has now seen 4 consecutive years of growth and from this we have been able to expand into other areas of the market. The one thing that we got the most out of dVT Strategy was their ability to understand the ideas and vision the new management had and be able to put this into a well laid out and effective plan.


Jeff Drury
SEI Carbide Australia