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Safe Harbour – Practical insights for SME directors and advisors

This document provides practical insights in relation to Safe Harbour. It includes the critical factors for success in Safe Harbour, when Safe Harbour starts and stops, what course of actions leads to a better outcome and what is best practice for Safe Harbour. It also outlines the five steps involved in the Safe Harbour process.

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How To Find the Cash

It’s common procedure to utilise the services of an independent expert, be they accountant or property valuer, to provide a report on the value of items included in an asset pool. This report can then be used to support claims for division of assets either through mediation or application to the Family Court. Introduction Independent […]

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Profitability Restored And Business Growth

We were approached by a client who had a company running a variety of businesses under one umbrella. As a conglomerate, the group was not producing sufficient profitability and business growth to continue in its present structure. After careful analysis of all the varied businesses and structures, we recommended that three of the four businesses […]

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Strategic Planning

Some time ago we were approached by a medium sized family group to help restructure their company and achieve profitability. The group was successful in its market niche and was in fact a leader in its segment. Turnover at the time was significant however, profits were not. With growth came cashflow and management issues that […]

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Turnaround Achieved

We were approached some time ago to review the financial position of a major national sporting organisation in Australia. The organisation was in dire financial straits having embarked upon an event that caused it to go into a considerable deficit, which its future trading could not under any circumstances allow it to recover from. After […]

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Viability Restored

The Directors approached us regarding advice in relation to their company in April 2001 following a Statutory Demand pursuant to Section 459E of the Corporations Act being served on them and the collapse of their insurer HIH Ltd which put in jeopardy their ability to trade on. During the Administration period we continued to trade […]

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There are a number of warning signs that indicate that a company may be insolvent. What are the indicators of Insolvency? statutory debts being settled late a pattern of trade creditors being paid outside of terms, or offering part-settlement unpaid employee superannuation non payment of insurance premiums poor collection procedures, poor cash flow management, debt […]

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