de Vries Tayeh Annual Prize


de Vries Tayeh Annual Prize

The de Vries Tayeh Annual Prize was initiated to recognize and encourage young students at Ardlethan Central School who are looking at life opportunities that are available after the HSC.

Ardlethan Central School – Started 2005

These students have a vision or desire to take a hold of their future and de Vries Tayeh is happy to assist and support them in this life challenge. Antony de Vries grew up in Ardlethan and recognizes and values the solid grounding that he gained there as a student.

de Vries Tayeh wants to contribute in a small way with this annual prize to students that have worked extremely hard and continue to show that they are worthy candidates. This small contribution hopefully will help them in their future path.

Students attending Ardlethan School and are in year 12 that are interested in participating need to submit their application via email to Antony de Vries. They need to express their hopes, dreams, ambitions, what they are presently studying, and where they want to go in life? What do they want to achieve, further studies, and specific goals they have set for themselves? What present contributions they are giving to their future through their community and out of school activities? In November a final email from those that have applied summarizing what they have achieved to date and what lies ahead for their future is sent through to Antony de Vries. After perusal of all the applicants emails a final decision is made as to which student is the well deserved recipient for the year.

Winners to date:

  • 2005 — Kirilly Farrell
  • 2006 — none awarded
  • 2007 — Luke McDermott
  • 2008 — No participants
  • 2009 — No participants
  • 2010 — Shantelle Guymer
  • 2011 — No Participants
  • 2012 — Hayden Minchin
  • 2013 – Taysha Fairley
  • 2014 – Brittney Church
  • 2015 – Sheree McDermott/Clare Crighton
  • 2016 – Samantha Scarlett
  • 2017 – Jessie Forrester
  • 2018 – No Participants
  • 2019 – Leila-Grace Verney