Corporate Strategy

Strategic management is a combination of 3 main processes – strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation.

It involves:

  • Determining where the company is presently placed
  • Deciding where the company should be
  • Working out the methods to achieve those goals
  • Implementing the methods
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of those methods

Generally speaking, the company is not in a position of financial distress, but wishes to improve its overall effectiveness and profitability.

Our commitment to you

Our approach is to tailor a program that specifically addresses the concerns and risks of the business and stakeholders, providing a more cost effective outcome for the client. Results are monitored on a regular basis with reported outcomes provided to all relevant parties. As in all assignments, we maintain an impartial approach towards evaluating the business and undertake strict levels of confidentiality.

Types of Assignments undertaken

Corporate strategy encompasses a number of different approaches. In any organisation, particularly in the larger businesses, there are several levels of strategy. Operational strategies affect the day-to-day operations of the business. They are directed by business strategies which affect those particular divisions or profit centres. The overriding strategies are developed at corporate level, and apply to all parts of the firm.

Each assignment is unique, because the strategies developed depend on the circumstances and opportunities available to the client, but some areas that we can assist in include:

  • Sourcing of appropriate funds
  • Changes in marketing approaches
  • Growth by acquisition
  • Changes in management personnel
  • Development of incentives and monitoring tools
  • Strategic alliances with other organisations

Some of the assignments undertaken over the last few years include:

  • Advertising industry – company in growth stages, very focussed towards obtaining market share but needing assistance in implementing proper management systems and reports to measure that growth.
  • Manufacturing industry – experiencing downturn in market demand for some lines, required assistance in cost-cutting measures and rationalisation of retail outlets.

References are available on request.