CP East Pty Limited (Administrators Appointed) ACN 603 493 536


CP East Pty Limited (Administrators Appointed) ACN 603 493 536

On 20 August 2018, Riad Tayeh and Suelen McCallum were appointed joint & several Voluntary Administrators of CP East Pty Limited (ACN 603 493 536).

By proceeding to view information about CP East Pty Limited, you are declaring that you are an investor, creditor or professional advisor for this matter and that you agree not to communicate any information to any person other than another investor or creditor of the Company, without the express written consent of de Vries Tayeh or unless otherwise compelled by law. 

Creditors of the company can find a report to creditors available here  Creditor Report 13092018

If you believe you are a creditor of the company or if you hold information which may assist the administrator in their investigations into the affairs of the company, please do not hesitate to contact Troy Graham of this office on +612 9633 3333 or at mail@dvtgroup.com.au.