Welcome to dVT Advisory - business growth and development specialists

dVT Advisory combines with the other divisions of the dVT Group, to help businesses grow and prosper and generate wealth for their owners.

There are many views on how to best grow a business and prosper, but we believe experience of those who “have been there done that”, is the most important.

The best to give advice are people who have done it themselves and not only survived, but have thrived and built companies or organisations.

The above is what sets dVT Advisory apart from many, who advise on business growth and development. dVT Advisory is led by Peter Tyree, who has a track record of succeeding in business and along the way has gained valuable and practical experience from probably every possible set of circumstances. Peter is skilled to help both in the SME and larger business sectors.

dVT Advisory is there to help its clients understand what their current business situation is and work with them to identify a path for growth and profit increase, while at the same time, have some fun and enjoy seeing people proud of their achievements.

We like to work, first of all, with the business owners and executives who are there to make money and as necessary work closely with financiers, banks, lawyers, accountants and other stakeholders to the advantage of the organisation, recognising the importance to make money and prosper.