Services We Offer

dvt solvency management

dVT Advisory gives you what you need when you require honest, understandable, no frills corporate advice on how to grow a company, protect corporate assets, optimise profits and have a good time doing it!

Fulfilling a niche market, particularly for companies with a minimum turnover of $10 million, dVT Advisory is potentially unique in the Australian market; it combines the skills and experience of one of Australia’s very successful businessmen who grew a startup company into one of the country’s largest private companies with the know how and experience of specialist accounting and consultancy firm dVT Group.

Peter Tyree heads dVT Advisory and loves business. He and his team love developing strategies and advising high level executives and boards on growing their businesses and improving their corporate return on investment through increased profits. Peter’s style is a healthy combination of direct and focused, combined with a mentoring process that adds fun and purpose to our clients and those that work alongside him.

While no company is considered too small or too large, our drive to assist must involve companies that:

  • realise and admit they need and want independent advice in addition to inputs from their accountants, tax advisors and lawyers,
  • want advice from professionals who have learnt how to advise a client through their own successes and mistakes.

dVT Advisory realizes that Boards, Owners Financiers and Management can find it difficult to decide to whom they should turn to and how to reap the benefits of using a corporate advisor and do so in a value for money proposition. We offer a free service to work with any category of client to establish whether we are right for the job and the customer right for us.

We are special in the market place because we:

  • want to see our clients succeed and grow
  • aim to generate wealth in an unselfish way
  • put our clients first ahead of our own profit
  • strive to give excellent advice in a value for money proposition and
  • take our client’s issues to heart, to really understand what they want and why so we can tailor unique solutions that may be more often or not “outside the square”.

Our promise is to always be forthright and honest in what we advise, but can only do so after really understanding our client’s business, its market, its products and its people and shareholders’ wants.

Our clients tell us we provide very good value for money.  Some of the work we do is pro bono and some done for no fee without results. Whatever our brief, we give it our utmost drawing on the combined skills of people who have proven experience over many years.


Any advice must be based on logic; logic based on facts and figures. To find a solution for our brief, we need to carry out a diagnosis of “where our client is now” and go from there to evolve one or more recommendations for our client’s decision.  Our advice will regularly vary depending upon the different strategies for growth, risk and return on investment. Diagnostics will rarely be superficial and based on the accounts; they will be done by people who are proven CEOs themselves, backed by very capable professionals. We will normally give our clients a number of options and then stay around to help implement them regularly with “skin in the game”.

Business Development

In business, you should start with the premise that it should be fun; then have an understanding that you will go through different phases; growth spurts, technology changes, new competitors and regulations, just to mention a few.   You should also have the belief that to ignore change can mark the start of the end of your business, as you know it.

As CEO or Chairman of a Company, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that the Company is able to cope with these changes and phases.  However, this does not mean that you should attempt to solve all the issues yourself internally.  In these instances, we at dVT Advisory can help you.  We can work with you to identify the areas needing attention, can help recognise where to look for the right solutions, provide a detailed plan with recommendations right through to assisting you with the implementation of such a plan.