Who We Can Help

dvt lender assistance

We seek businesses that may or may not be going through some difficult times, but more importantly, we seek companies that are genuine in recognising that they may not be realizing their full potential, that they may have become stagnant or that they have goals and visions of what they want to achieve but do not know how to go about achieving them.

We only seek companies that are honest in their approach to do better and that are committed to building and developing their company. Together, we can work hard and smart to develop a plan and a path forward based on logic and an understanding of their marketplace and where they fit within this marketplace.

We need to work with existing service providers, particularly accounting firms and legal advisors, to ensure a level of comfort without disrupting anything more than necessary. We are not accountants or lawyers, we are specialists who use accounting and well honed business skills in most sectors including but not limited to engineering, manufacturing, design and development, technology and sales.