Litigation Support

Litigation support can be defined as any professional assistance that non-lawyers provide to lawyers (or other parties) in the litigation process. It can involve forensic accounting, investigative accounting and provision of expert testimony. Sometimes the assignment has not reached a litigation stage and we are asked to intercede in an attempt to resolve a situation.

Our commitment to you

dVT Consulting respects that litigation support usually involves disputes between various parties and we always endeavour to develop strategies to ensure a fair outcome for all parties. Where this is not possible, for example, where we are acting strictly for one party, we continue to remain impartial and unbiased.

The circumstances surrounding these types of assignments require that the scope and expected outcomes are very clearly defined and agreed to by the parties. We are conscious that our reports may be used in Court proceedings and we adhere strictly to the codes of conduct established by the major courts in Australia, including the Supreme Court, Federal Court, Family Court and District Court.

Many of the assignments are also extremely confidential, particularly in the early stages, and we go to great lengths to protect that confidentiality.

Examples of services we provide:

  • Business valuations
  • Review of financial systems and data and subsequent reporting
  • Reconstruction of financial data
  • Independent opinions or reports
  • Expert Witness in Court proceedings
  • Financial and Fraud investigations
  • Solvency Reports

Types of assignments undertaken:

  • Dispute resolution between shareholders – small retail franchise, where shareholders had diverse opinions as to the worth of the business. Business valuation was conducted, followed by attempts at mediation with the parties.
  • Fraud Investigation – claim by major creditor and shareholder against an insolvency practitioner for alleged misuse of company funds. Assignment included forensic review of cash transactions and identification of specific transactions.
  • Employment Claim – we acted for a former employee of a church based community who was claiming unpaid entitlements as well as other monies owed, with a total claim in excess of $1.5 million. The matter was settled in favour of our client.