dvt succession

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how long you can maintain the momentum of what you are doing in your business now and how you will  make the transition to the next stage of your life?

You need to know that there is an opportune time, we call it the “sweet spot”, when you can optimise the value of your hard earned business to fund the next part of your journey in life!

dVT Group are leading business experts and advisors in developing individualised and resource effective programs that deliver succession results that far outweigh the costs.

We at dVT Group are just like you. We have undertaken our own individual succession plan and have spent the last 30 years refining our approach.

You need to be proactive and start planning for it, so that you can identify it, manage it and prosper from it!!!


Our cornerstones:

  • We see ourselves as unique and appreciate that every client is unique with individual needs ;
  • We have accredited skills that allows us to start with an accurate valuation to identify a starting point;
  • We can then provide a Business Improvement Program to immediately increase the value of your business;
  • We offer a holistic program that covers all aspects of your business, whilst tailoring this to your goals and needs;
  • We work with your network of advisors, as well as offering our own tried and tested network of trusted people that we can mobilise for your benefit;
  • We have specialised intelligent property that we have developed eg written a book on Life After Business and developed a “Readiness Questionnaire”.

Questions you may ask yourself

  • When do I have to start doing something about my future /retirement?
  • What should be involved and where do I start?
  • Who is the best person to turn to for advice on getting my business ready?
  • Where is my business presently sitting in relation to the “sweet spot”?
  • How do I improve my business to get it ready for sale and/or succession?
  • What are options and who will take over/purchase my business?
  • What is my business actually worth now?
  • How reliant am I on my business to fund my retirement?
  • Are my business and family assets protected?
  • What dollars and/or assets do I need for a desirable retirement?
  • Where do I start and who can guide, advise and manage all the elements involved in my transition out of the business?