What You Need To Succeed

dvt succeed

When you are ready to proceed, you will need the following:


The cliché “it won’t happen overnight…. but it will happen”.  Such is the march of time.  Just take a look around at your business today and reflect on how different it is now to when you first opened the front door, all those years ago.

The earlier you plan the more impact you are able to affect
on your ideal outcome!

Remember….  “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”


You relied on many good people along the way to get to where you are today.  You should continue to rely on a good partnership, by selecting an advisor who:

  • Understands and fits with your personality;
  • Understands the challenges associated with small businesses;
  • Can work with a variety of people you use, whilst having the ability to oversee the larger picture to ensure that you will achieve your individual objectives;
  • Has the important characteristics of directness, correctness and be motivational to help you with your succession planning.

Personalised Goals

Remember you are unique …..  and so is your business. 

So start with your personalised goals and choose someone who can show you how to implement your own bespoke succession plan.