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Business Valuations

A business valuation is the best estimate of the fair market value of an enterprise given the known facts and assumptions at a point in time. Business valuations are crucial to decision making and negotiations, and there can be many instances where an accurate and reliable economic value of an owner’s interest in a business is essential.

Problem:  When there is the need to know the true value of business as a crucial step, for instances such as:

  • Value for partners ownership for buy & sell agreement
  • Taxation planning
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Family law and estate matters
  • Sale of a business, or as a business planning and monitoring tool.

Solution: Our accredited business valuer has extensive expertise, and applies relevant methodologies and industry insights, to deliver accurate and reliable business valuations.  Where required, our valuer can attend court proceedings as an expert witness.

dVT Group offer valuations that you can rely on.  Suelen Mc Callum is an accredited business valuer and has been providing business valuations for over 20  years using her extensive expertise in thorough documentation and supporting conclusions.

Types of assignments undertaken:

  • Family Law Disputes – we are often asked to prepare valuations for use in family law proceedings or mediations. Examples of recent assignments for this include child care centres, car wash operations, mining and excavation equipment, sports management and professional practices.
  • Insurance Brokers – we were recently asked to provide an independent expert report in accordance with ASX Listing Rules and ASIC regulations, as well as NZ requirements, for use in a proposed reverse takeover. The company had an estimated forecast turnover of approximately $60 million and had branches in Australia and New Zealand.