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Due Diligence, Lender Assistance, Investigating Accountants Report

Problem:  When there is the need to understand all the potential risks when undertaking transactions such as selling or buying a business, or when a lender is considering providing or refinancing debt to a client.

Solution:  We can assist clients by undertaking a proper program of due diligence on the target business, specifically addressing key risks and concerns, and identifying any material risks before the transaction proceeds.  We go beyond evaluating the financial position of the business and include other areas that we feel are relevant to the assignment.  Whether the client is the purchaser or the vendor, we maintain an impartial approach when evaluating the business and meet strict levels of confidentiality.

Businesses can also be proactive and use these reviews as a ‘health check’ to highlight potential areas of concern.  This approach can be useful for businesses seeking additional finance, as it provides them with the opportunity to address areas of concern before approaching financiers.